Miss Marvel on Disney+: Will there be a season 2?  - News series

Miss Marvel, now available in full on Disney+, will it return for a second season?

Miss Marvel, it’s over (already)! A new production from Marvel Studios dedicated to Kamala Khan, the first Muslim superhero in the MCU, has already completed its broadcast on Wednesday, July 13, at the end of Episode VI. And many Disney Plus subscribers are already wondering if the highest-rated Marvel series ever will get a second season.

Unfortunately, renewing the program for an additional season is not on the agenda, Miss Marvel as a mini-series is designed to introduce a brand new heroine, who appeared in the comics in 2014. However, good news still awaits fans of the Marvel universe as Kamala Khan will return next year. Not in a series, but in a movie!

The young woman will already appear in the cast of The Marvels, an opportunity for her to share the poster with her idol, the superhero Captain Marvel, better known as Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson. Remember, too, that a re-incarnation of Captain Marvel debuted this year in Doctor Strange 2 (during the Illuminati Council series), in the form of Maria Rambo (Lashana Lynch).

However, it will be necessary to be patient before finding Kamala Khan, as The Marvels is not planned to be released before July 26, 2023 in our cinemas!

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