Elliot Page annonce que son personnage de The Umbrella Academy fera son coming out trans en saison 3

This Tuesday, Elliott Page revealed, via his Twitter account, a picture of his character in the third season of Umbrella Academyprefixed with words An interview with Victor Hargreaves. Like the actor, who came out in December 2020, Number 7 will carry on in turn in the upcoming episodes expected for June. If we still do not know how it will be incorporated into the plot, then nothing will change for fans of the series or the comics on which it is based.

The program’s official Twitter account immediately commented with a “Welcome to the family, Victor. We are very happy to have you here.”. Victor, whose strength lies in generating tremendous energy through his violin sound (hence his nickname The White Violin), is still learning to live with this gift that his father suppressed by drugging him for most of his life. In season three, after he and his brothers and sister save the world from the apocalypse by sabotaging the timeline, the family returns to the present…

Or rather: in the present. The repercussions of their time travels are very real, and in this new world, sparrows have taken their place. Clearly, this isn’t the only surprise Hargreaves is expecting. The question is: How will Victor, Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Fife (and Ben?) be able to correct the timeline again, and find their place from before?

In this season 3 of Umbrella Academy, Elliot Page is still surrounded by buddies Robert Sheehan, Tom Hooper, David Castaneda, Amy Raver-Lampman, Aidan Gallagher, and Justin H. And with the arrival of Sparrow Academy, the series is marking the occasion welcoming Justin Cornwell, Britten Oldford, Jake Epstein, Genesis Rodriguez and Casey David into its ranks.

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Season 3 of Umbrella Academy It premieres June 22 on Netflix.


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