Kurt Cobain turns 55: a playlist that sums up his life in songs

In just under five years, Kurt Cobain changed music forever. Director of cultural and social change, the first part of the nineties was dominated by hostility Unbeatable songs He placed himself at the forefront of the movement that ended up cementing his rise to legend.

Born and raised in Seattle, a frozen city in the northern United States, his music brought backLeaving a feeling of hopelessness and boredom Which has spread to all corners thanks to the sinister force of its melodies. Cobain was also a sectarian singer, one of those Incomplete voices personally like Bob Dylan or Lou Reed or Tom Waits; A man who does not conform to the higher canons but who knows how to acquire a habit of pain.

Nirvana during the “Never Mind” shoot.

Nirvana discography

His musical acts leading up to nirvana were short but intense. his first album, whitening, It was released in June 1989. It cost $606, was backed by a fan, and its tracks show a bit of a whirlwind that will pass through his career just two years later. “About a Girl” provided evidence of Beatle fanaticism (Cobain “stealed” John Lennon’s double-recording technique) but the album sounded disjointed and without a defined concept.

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Two years later, with Dave Grohl as the new drummer and Butch Vig’s obsession as producer, Nirvana reached her musical climax at the hand of Did not matterThe album that changed everything. In twelve songs – eight of them – with “Smells Like Fig Spirit” has been turned into an anthem for generations, grunge has been standardized as the dominant genre in the world. His songs not only influenced the musical genre, but also the way we dress, think, and experience pain and loneliness due to the current course of things. 30 years later, it’s still valid, and Cobain’s legacy is growing.

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Having become the biggest band in the world, in the womb It became a break, a return to assets after commercial success; Dense and painful album From her words, with Nirvana’s best guitar moments, and though it sounds like a farewell message, Anticipate a new invention. this is Playlist It aims to summarize the life memoirs with which Cobain built a world of songs. ¡dale play!

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