Even our former advisor can learn something from him…

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” candidate Jim Arslan, 30, told Gunther Gausch, 65, on Monday evening about his meeting with Angela Merkel (67). Once an independent rap coach performed a song for her and then explained to her what kind of music it was.

Arslan works as an elementary school teacher, but his passion resonates. The unforgettable encounter happened years ago. At that time, Merkel officially attended the Hamburg Academy of Hip-Hop. “When she arrived we gave her a song,” said Gaush Rattfuchs.

Then he and his fellow artists went to the restaurant with the advisor who was still in office at the time. Oddly enough, Gauche wondered, “What do you want to know?” The teacher was a little proud: “She wanted to know from me what exactly hip-hop was. Then I was allowed to explain it to her – the most powerful woman in the world at that time. “

Indeed, Merkel listened with such interest that Arslan could not say about every politician. “We also had Cem Ozdemir and Jürgen Tritten there. They were far behind her in terms of sympathy.”

I listen carefully when it comes to hip-hop music: Former Chancellor Angela MerkelFoto: picture alliance / Michael Kappe

On Josh’s broadcast, the 30-year-old ended up with €32,000 a question. The test expert wanted to know: “What do you call the boundary of light and dark that separates the illuminated portion of the unlit moon, for example?” There was a choice of gladiator, terminator (correct), pilot, or propeller.

Arslan had to pass and ended up with €16,000. He wants to go on a trip around the world sometime.

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