Vincent Lyndon: This surprising warning given to him by Robert Badinter a few days before the Cannes Film Festival

In a few days, Vincent Lyndon will chair the jury of the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival. He should think about this sudden warning given to him by Robert Badinter. We explain everything to you!

Vincent Lyndon This year’s best gift: Presiding over the jury for the official competition of the Cannes Film FestivalWhich will open its doors on Tuesday 17 May with the screening of the new film directed by Michel Hazanavicius, Cuts. A unique experience that the actor could not even imagine living one day when he was at Cours Florent. philosophize in columns Dinar : « Destiny is like a manipulator in football, when the commentator says “it happened, if he was inside it he was himself”. A worthless profession. This new position comes at a good time in Lyndon’s 2015 acting award-winning career.

This year, the head of the jury has promised to hear from his buddies, cute actors he’ll meet only for the first time on Monday, May 16. To carry out his mission along with the eight jurors, Vincent Lyndon can count on the sudden warning of one of his most famous fans. ” A few days ago I received a congratulatory letter from Robert Badinter ‘, as he says in Dinar. « He explains that he advised his students who passed the judicial exam to be careful when judging. “Because yes, the forewarned man is worth two…

Vincent Lyndon is about to have a great moment in the cinema

So what does Vincent Lyndon expect from these ten days on the Croisette? ” With the jury, I want to finally say that we had a great time together at the cinema. And to have a good track record, with films that present artistic creativity and attract people to theaters. A good goal to achieve for a print that promises to be rich in emotions. We are already eagerly awaiting the opening ceremony presented by Virginie Evira, or even the screening of James Gray’s new film with the great. Anthony, Hopkins. Engine, work!

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