“Koh Lanta”: Fatal Mistakes and a Cardboard Strategy for Reunification

Colorful not included! On Friday evening at TF 1, the adventurers of “Koh-Lanta: Secret Weapons” abandoned their red or yellow banner in order to regroup under a white flag in a somewhat frozen atmosphere. Especially since many have made mistakes. Like Vincent, who revealed he had a secret weapon in response to a question from Dennis Brugniart that he had misunderstood. Then it aroused distrust of his companion Thomas, who did not hesitate to admit later that he had doubts about Vincent’s word in his role as ambassador.

However, the Yellow Financial Analyst, hired alongside Maxine to lead a discussion to eliminate another adventurer still in the game, maneuvered well. Lore is joined by the duo in their dialogue, who is a surprising ambassador thanks to a secret weapon. The two young women on the Red Team did not need much persuasion to overthrow one of their male comrades, as they kept in the throat of the declared will of their tribesmen to eliminate girls in priority. It was Frederick who then had to leave the adventure.

Elimination despite the donation of the ring of immunity!

The setbacks of the red men did not end there. Despite performing well in the obstacle course of the immunity test, Hervey let the final win pass for Laure. A huge disappointment for those who knew that he would be in the eyes of his opponents on the playoff board. Thomas, the strong yellow man, declared of the color: “There is more head than others that do not belong to me, it is Hervey. I do not like his head at all, far or near, it is always the same.”

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However, the former red captain almost spared his skin when his companion, Arnaud, with a collar of immunity, decided to give him his precious sesame, and a sense of security. What would have been a major hit was quickly ended by a blood sausage due to a major strategic mistake on the part of a 36-year-old long-haired gardener. Because the latter went to reveal his gift of the necklace to Magali, considering making it his ally in the face of Yellow.

Unfortunately, as he had participated in the previous dismissal of the sports coach, he finally returned after Jabin’s medical abandonment, the Forty Thing frankly did not want to help him, and he went to reveal the slack to the yellow!

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In short, they explicitly decided to put Arnault on the spot alongside Hervé who shyly returned the protective gem to its owner and then was logically excluded from the painting. There are only five ex-Reds left versus eight ex-Yellow Reds for the rest of the adventure.


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