A powerful gesture from Delphine Wespiser after she recently went through a 'couple crisis' with her partner Roger (video)

This Thursday, January 6th at Don’t touch my TV, Delphine Whisperser revealed that she recently passed ‘Couple crisis’ With his buddy Roger. And she made a big decision to breathe new life into her relationship.

The private life of historians Don’t touch my TV It is the source of daily discussions about the show, every evening at C8. It must be said that historians willingly give themselves to the game before Cyril Hanoun always very curious to learn more about the intimate life of his colleagues. For several days, the private life of dolphin whisperser The private channel’s troublemaker is particularly curious as the beauty queen shares Roger Earhart’s life for several years. Their love story is often the subject of discussion and mockery on the show, all in an overall good mood. It must be said that the age difference between them causes a lot of talk. The companion of the former Miss France is 55 years old. She still defends the beautiful Apollo against other historians, Delphine Weisspizer He does not hesitate to regularly tell anecdotes about his life as a married couple. Yesterday evening, the writer confirmed that she did not want to be vaccinated and that a heated debate had settled between the two lovebirds.

Roger’s focus with historians TPMP

This Thursday, January 6, Cyril Hanoun presented a new issue of Don’t touch my TV And during the show, the host animated the popular series known to fans: pancake box. The principle is simple, and the columnists spill secrets to their colleagues that are revealed live. During the discussions, Cyril Hanoun read a paper in which he wrote: “Roger came to the inn and the latter had a fit of jealousy by making it clear that he did not trust Benjamin Castaldi and Guillaume Genton”. Kinda surprised by this revelation, dolphin whisperser confirmed: “It was before the holidays. He wanted to see you all and make his point with some people.

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Vacation to meet again

Seconds later, the former beauty queen added: “it’s better. It is true that we have had a relationship crisis in recent weeks. And suddenly, since it was my birthday and I asked for a gift from Cyril … I took the initiative to buy tickets and I would go with him to the sun in a week. It’s my thirtieth birthday.”. Thus, the columnist will likely be absent for several days in TPMP, and take advantage of a little rest to meet his sweetheart.

Don’t touch my TV, to be found entirely in the app My Canal.


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