unpleasant?  Dominic drinks a bachelor date with the girls

Did Dominic Stockmann Take (30) Too Far? This year, the Bachelor was not only popular among its candidates. He was also able to score points with viewers with his behavior – above all because he’s not shy about helping himself a lot from the buffet in the first episode. Also applies to the group’s history in the current episode Dominic Also good – but with alcohol: He had to have a nice drink on time!

Came after horseback riding DominicNellie, 28, Anna, 33, and Jana Maria, 30, together for a drink. Rosenkavalier did not feel very comfortable in the situation – he had already lost everything. “You guys put me at this table with three women I developed a relationship with. I have no idea what I’m going to say in this group. I don’t even know how to act. Should I talk too much, should I not talk too much?” The 30-year-old is confused. Looks like he tried to avoid everything with tequila and poured one by one! “We had a nice drink, but it wasn’t great”Entrepreneur summarizes.

The crowd enjoyed Dominic very behavior. But some people find the whole thing a little strange. “Oh my God that’s embarrassing… without tequila, no conversation at The Bachelor— If a guy can only drink his dates, he has at least a rough idea of ​​how we look in front of the TV.”Single Viewer Books Twitter. Another commented, “He’s getting drunk because he has nothing to say?! Could it get any worse?”

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Anna Russo and Dominic Stockman on the date of their dreams
Dominic Stockmann and Jana Maria Herz on the date of their dreams
Neil and Dominic in “The Bachelor” 2022


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