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Lamb of God He made the release of his new studio album official, “omen”which will be available from October 7th via Epic Records. first single,never after todayIt will arrive on Friday 10 June.

“Two decades ago, Lamb of God, along with Killswitch Engage, were part of a new wave of American heavy metal. Our scene has grown from a small network of underground concerts in basements and warehouses into a global phenomenon that has helped define an entire generation of Modern Heavy Metal.We are pleased to announce The Omens Tour, which celebrates not only the tenacity and impact of that original movement, but also the creativity and authenticity of the teams they influenced.Heavy metal is alive and well.Omens Tour proudly displays the depth and diversity of our scene.It is not a tour miss it”Guitarist says Mark Morton.

omen It is a furious addition to the catalog Lamb of GodPossibly the most powerful album yet. “The world is crazy and it is constantly changing. An omen is a reaction to the state of the world”The vocalist explains Dr. Randall Blythe. “It’s very informal.”. He stops focusing. “Very very angry”.

Band members who are recorded together live in studios Henson Recording Studios (formerly A&M Studios) in Los Angeles, California, the place that spawned classics by The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Ramones, and Soundgarden, among others. “The band’s inner workings have never been better”Mark Morton explains. “You can hear it on Omens. You can see it on our shows, and if you’re close to us for five minutes, you can feel it.”

“omen” Track list:

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1. Never
2. Vanishing
3. To the grave
4. Trench
5. omen
6. Gomorrah
7. Bad designs
8. Grayscale
9. Rejection Mechanism
10. September Song


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