Who is Sylvain, Celine Dion's first lover who inspired one of her songs?

In four decades in music, Celine Dion accumulated He hits ! In both English and French. One of his first successes dates back to 1982: love or friendship. A song signed by lyricist Eddie Marnay – whose first name will be given to one of the star’s twins – whose script was inspired by the young singer’s first love…

In fact, it was biographer George Hebert German who narrated behind the scenes of this song in the official bio he dedicated to Celine Dion which was published in 1998. He then gave the floor to Eddie Marnay, who would present no fewer than five albums for the female singers. . “I realized, thinking back in those days of my adolescence, that perhaps since the world began, things have been this way between little boys and little girls, in this short period of time after childhood when they are born. I woke up to love, hesitating at the boundaries between love and friendship… and I thought to myself that there was no reason why Celine shouldn’t experience it, not live it, or dream it.”, he said. And the lyricist was right since, long before falling in love with his manager René Angélil, young Céline was a fan of a certain Sylvain.

She sometimes went to spend a few days with her heart, Claudette, in Verdun, in the suburbs of the working class. A neighbor, Sylvain, came to hover around him. He was very shy and handsome. One day they kissed on the balcony. Celine then wondered if she was in love, and if he loved her. She was looking for signs, she was feeling her heart (…) With beautiful Sylvan, she couldn’t tell what I feltGeorge Hebert Germain wrote: “This emotional torment so powerfully inspired Eddie Marney that he confessed:”It was from this mixture of feelings that I was inspired to write love or friendship [écoulé à 500 000 exemplaires rien qu’en France, NDLR]. There is impatience and doubts, a great desire to understand, a need for knowledge.

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