“Sing my song” – the sixth round
Everything for mothers!

Written by Kay Patrowick

“Sing Meinen Song” desperately needs a positive boost. A gentleman’s evening is the only thing. There is no place for much sadness and gloom in the world of the cold reggae poet from Cologne.

When Joris cries, Nora sinks into dark memories and Stephanie Heinzmann suspects love for a split second – it takes more than just a few relaxing tunes. So you need the calm and care of a man who has already seen pretty much everything the business has to offer in his musical commute between Jamaica and Cologne.

The man can recline

Good mood on the Baltic Sea.

(Photo: TVNOW)

Herbergspapa Gentleman is solid as rock. With so much wisdom, depth, understanding and humor in his bags, the two-time Echo Award winner is very happy to imitate a strong shoulder. That person support can finally sit back and relax in Episode Six.

Host Johannes Ording is the start. The monster hat man bows down to the gentlemen’s current German reggae atmosphere with smooth radio pop and a short rap break (“Time Out”). Stefanie Heinzmann immediately follows up and transports the musical “Past View” of the gentleman (“Ahoi”) into her own vocal realm. The main actor of the evening celebrates the touched Swiss clearly: “You are such a bundle of energy.”

Nora is in the madness of Skybank

The mood on and around the sofa is racy and relaxing. In addition to the regular group hugs, there are small and exclusive tales from the polite private archive. The gentleman wrote the song “Intoxication” for his wife, Tamika, who accompanies him as a background singer on his tours. Hip-hop buzz Nora transforms the well-known figure into a four-minute ska punk.

This is followed by disturbing feelings from the aura (“It uprooted me at lockdown time”) and the touching storytelling of a father who sees his two children very rarely. Where children play an important role, mothers are not far away either. Every now and then, gentlemen’s mothers love to receive gifts from their son with a sheet of beautiful calligraphy and sustainable melodies. “We have to take a lot of time for our parents,” the reggae poet cried with glass eyes.

“You have steel balls!”

“To Mothers” Joris swings with the Big Gospel Club (send a prayer). This matches at least “Schenkelmann” and the rest of the band “Tauschkonzert” as well as the release of Gentleman’s mother’s emotional corner tape of all the songs “Mama” performed by Ian Huber. Juris’s moment today doesn’t want to get out of the Vesper after ten minutes: “It takes eggs to sing a song like that. But you have steel balls!” , Cheers Gentleman.

DJ Bobo puts the cap on advanced watch. In German and surrounded by the sounds of football pop, the Eurodance heavyweight champion dances in and out of his comfort zone. Do you fancy a group hug? But hello! Whiskey, water, beer and the famous Heinzmann aura drizzle: everyone in attendance is enjoying an evening of bliss. And of course all mothers in the world celebrate with them. Save, dude!

“Sing My Song – Interchange Concert” always plays every Tuesday at 8.15pm on Vox and always at TVNOW Retrieved. There is also more information about the offer at vox.de.

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