Eight people, including six Asians, were killed in the Atlanta massacre on Tuesday, March 16th. A play that takes place against the backdrop of a sharp increase in hate crimes against this community is often blamed on the emergence of the Govt-19 epidemic in the United States.

With our correspondent in San Francisco, Eric de Solve

Danny Yu Chang, an American of Chinese descent, is even more shocked. His face was swollen so he could not open his right eye. On Monday, the man was violently attacked in the middle of the street in San Francisco: ” I am shocked at what happened to me. I was not expecting this. »

While this travel agent was taking his lunch break, suddenly a stranger stabbed him in the face for no reason. At age 59, he lost consciousness. Today, Danny Yu Song firmly believes that he was targeted because he is Asian.

« Clearly, this is a hateful attack. Nothing was stolen from me. When I woke up, everything was still with me. »

“It’s all Trump’s fault.”

In the United States, attacks against Asians are on the rise. Stop Asian American Hate has identified more than 3,000 people since the outbreak.

To the question, according to Danny Yu Chang, The The rhetoric of former President Donald Trump: All of this is due to Trump. He is the one who started his Chinese virus story! He continued in the media that Kovit-19 was launched in China. This eventually stuck in the minds of the people and people started hating Asians here. »

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Danny Yu Chang emigrated to the United States in 1999 in search of work. Since he was attacked, he has been considering leaving California.

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