Clermontoise Laure Paradan conquers the long path of Pastourelle (Cantal) and claims the title of French Champion

Two versions I’ve experienced due to Covid, deserve to come back with fanfare and a first day of competition that ends in apotheosis. And in that respect, Salers and the great Puy Mary location did not disappoint.

Under good sunshine that bathed the medieval streets of Saliers with golden light, a thousand participants spoiled the first event of the French Running Championship.La Pastourelle took advantage of ideal conditions marking the first day of the French track championship, in order to make its comeback after canceling two editions in quick succession.

From the start in the most beautiful village in France, on the Pas de Peyrol where the fog had a good idea to dissipate before the first racers passed, conditions were just perfect for the hike up to the Trail du Grand Cirque (53km) and about 2,700m of altitude.

After three years of waiting, La Pastourelle will sign a huge fanfare to return to Salers (Cantal)

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Laure Paradin makes the difference at the end of the race

In the event in which the best was revealed, the strongest of all time was Clermontoise Laura Paradan (5:31:20), who on Friday commented on the list of prizes: the Patourelle winner’s bell, the French national team champion title, and his selection for the European Championship with France national team as a bonus.

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Laure Paradin won the 53 km race and was named the French Long Trail Champion.

In the heart of these Auvergne and Cantal volcanoes that look more “like Sansi” than volcanoes at home, Clermont member Auvergne Athletics won a ticket to the Balearic Islands, taking home the best of Marie Goncalves (5:37:49), who nonetheless led the race At Col de Néronne, at Falgoux and even at Pas de Peyrol, before he was overtaken by Auvegnate in the final part of the race.

Bérichonne Jennifer Lemoine completes the podium in France, but takes first place in the Masters (5:46:23).

A well-known podium at the start of the race and reversed at the end

For the men, the finish also provided a podium shaped from the early moments of the race, but in an inverse order from that observed during the main stage points.

Unique venue and upscale platform for La Pastourelle (Cantal), supporting French running leagues

The French champion’s crown bell was returned to Thomas Cardin (4:24:50). The one who caught the French team’s eye with a win here in 2018, scored another success on the long road by nearly 4 minutes ahead of his runner-up (but first in the Masters), Basque Country Benoit Curie (4:28:38).

Thomas Cardin actually won here in 2018, winning again at the Grand Cirque.

However, when passing Pirol in the atmosphere of the Tour de France, the two men were almost two minutes behind Catalan Theo Detian, who started like a bombshell from the first hecmeter to do more than half the race in the lead.

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The Clermontois Romain Maillard II in Masters

But, on a course he discovered in action, and encountered volumes already experienced on the challenging track of the Grand Cirque, Detienne left the controls to his pursuers, but without stopping.

Leading the entire first half of the race, Catalan Théo Detienne finished third on the long track.

Enough to snatch a bronze medal in the French championships, which had an air of revenge for those who returned to competition and kept the Méribel championship where he missed.

The first female overseas player, Clermontois-Roman Millard, was ranked sixth but second with a time of 4:41:44.

Alexandre Peraud wins the 224 km XGTV Volvic (Puy-de-Dôme) in 32 hours 30

Make way for the short (32 km) trail, this Saturday

After this appetizer with the taste of a huge meal, Pastourelle returns on Saturday, with the eponymous 32 km French Championships.

With a peloton that promises to be at least as dense as it is in the long run, but this time with about 1,600 entries, the second event promises a great battle over the volcano, from 9:30 a.m., rue du Couvent in Salers. Overwhelmed by a peloton of more than 1,000 runners for 53 km, Saliers will see the biggest on Saturday with a short pastoril track and nearly 1,600 runners for 32 km.

The day won’t be limited to these champs picks, because, in the same way it did on Friday, the massif hosted the Boronnier women’s race, mountain biking and hiking, Saturday will offer a relay race (10:30 a.m.) and two races. walking long distances.

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Text and video by Jean-Paul Coady
Photos: Jeremiah Fullringer


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