Cerberus, alert for the new Covid variant.

new alternative Omicron Highly contagious: I have adopted Cerberus And it may be responsible for the recent spike in cases we’re seeing. The newcomer of the great Omicron family Yes BQ call 1.1. The alert started on October 3 from social media with a tweet from the researcher Cornelius Romera bioinformatics expert at the Swiss University of Basel: wrote from his data, β€œIt has become quite clear that BQ.1.1 will lead awave In Europe and North America before the end of November.

its existence, in relation to the presence of already existing variables, “It kept doubling every weekWithin 19 days, the sequences deposited in international banks that collect gene sequences increased 8 times, from 5 sequences to 200 sequences1.

Covid, Great Britain on alert: ‘Let’s prepare for a new devastating wave’

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