Stefan Lofven is once again Prime Minister of Sweden

Stefan Lofven, Social Democrat, It’s again Sweden’s Prime Minister: On Wednesday, he won the confidence of the Swedish Parliament by 176 votes to 173 (the Swedish parliament is unicameral and has 349 seats). Leuven he quit From his post as prime minister last June 28, after the same Parliament I voted for no confidence In his regards.

Even before the mistrust, Löfven ruled thanks to a very weak coalition with the Green Party, which had only 33 percent of seats and relied on support in parliament from two small centre-right and Left parties. The Left Party proposed a vote of no confidence and it concerned in particular the plan proposed by the government to regulate rent rates for newly built apartments.

To gain confidence in Wednesday’s vote, Leuven He wouldn’t have gotten more than 175 votes against it. The Liberals, the center-right parliamentarians, and the right-wing Swedish Democrats (173 in total) voted against the government, while the Greens and the Social Democrats again voted for confidence in the government; Center Party and Left Party deputies, as well as independent candidates, abstained from voting.

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