Paula Zac is unstoppable in Pro Bi

Meanwhile, the pericordins have fulfilled their part of the contract. A Monconseil hall was packed up the stairs, against the high heat, the noise, the Tours group, they were all playing, announcing everything that was lurking in the crowd.

Paulosak did not fall into the trap at full speed. After Batman’s first three-point basket, one of the two most dangerous tours of the evening with Adeba, the BBD steamroller was launched.

Defensive intensity

Defensively, the first quarter was more than just a match against Cuimber or Saint-Wally. Paulasakois conceded just five points in the opening seven minutes. It was time for them to register fifteen and hand over the meeting.

Danger came from everywhere. Bathiste Tchouaffé and Nic Moore put the powder talk behind the 6.75m line. Evan February and Nana Fauland organized the scam.

If we want to create an obstacle at this start, the rush that leads to failure in easy shots. But anyway Tours would have liked this kind of problem. It is theirs to block the pericardial waves. And they do not find clear solutions.

Suddenly, Paulazac was able to unwind. And with fewer good shots, the team is now confident enough not to lose control. Tours 7-0 (14-32 to 21-32, 14)? No worries, Moore comes out of the woodwork, with Whiteness Sisaskas hitting two pitches and putting the February lid on. Rebellion in the third quarter. Boulazac has a 14-2 cash, Tchouaffé has a technique and Moore gets his third penalty. De Lattibaudière goes up to the dam, the room explodes. Nicholas de Zhang returned to his home tour and seated all the awardees following the counter (49-61, 26th).

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Paulsack did not fall into overconfidence or folly. But Tours’ defensive intensity was like waving some hands. Within eight minutes of returning from the locker room, BBD hit only two baskets, but, fortunately, withdrew his free throws (53-68, 28th). The graduates were also overwhelmed by the challenge and were slightly abandoned by de Lattipadier, who completely missed his competition.

On the other hand, the questionable player, Paulasok can count on Nick Moore. The fourth period saw Bringupole return to BBD Tours for nine lengths (70-79, 34th), despite his mattress in a crowd but not sure. The leader therefore chained two three-point baskets from his box and pledged to his forces (70-84, 35th). “Nick we know Nick, but he’s not particularly a player to go out with,” praised BBD coach Alexandre Maynard.


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