DeMar DeRozan picked up the Los Angeles Clippers' streak with an attacking display for the Chicago Bulls | Mexico

Demar DeRozan played at home and Los Angeles Clippers They have suffered the consequences. The California Guard deployed all its offensive arsenal to the command Chicago Bulls Once again for victory, a victory of immense value as it allows Billy Donovan’s men to return to the path of victory after their fall at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. But not only that, but also Beating the Clippers by 100 to 90 he put an end to the wonderful streak that Tai Lu’s men were runningWho won the last 7 matches. The match must be remembered in terms of intensity, equality and defensive level seen throughout the competition, confirming that the two teams are in a position to give more than a surprise when the playoffs arrive.

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The locals had to paddle from the start because the great start of DeRozan has 12 points to partially lead 30 to 17 against the ropesIt should be used well so that it does not sag as everything dissolves. So it was. The Clippers pleaded with their defensive spirit, the great pillar of their streak in recent weeks, to be able to flip the scoreboard, led specifically by the great Ivica Zubak, Terrence Mann and Paul George. The Californians rowed and rowed, wrapped up the third round with a mere 7 points difference and it would all be decided.

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however, That’s when the couple shaped by Zach Lavigne and Demar DeRozan enteredAnd, as it happened in this course, there were only a few options left for the competitors if they both had today. The former UCLA had a great second run, turning up at the right moment for the offensive contribution, while the veteran goalkeeper put in a key showing at the end, wrapping up the quarter without fail and leaving scenes like these:

The clippers’ great defensive work, He managed to leave the entire Chicago team except for DeRozan in 26 of 70 in shooting from the field (37.1%), That wasn’t enough, because in the final part of the collapse, fatigue caused them to run out of fuel to respond to the rival star’s attacks. Especially Paul George, whose closing performance blurred an overall stellar performance.

Thus, the Bulls sealed their ninth win of the season in 13 games played, with DeRozan who went for 35 points in 12 of 16 (75%) in field shots plus 7 rebounds and 5 assists, loaned by LaVine who went from low to high to finish the season with 29 points in 11 of 27 stadiums (40.7%) and 8 rebounds. This is the third time this year that the two of them have come together to score 64 points, and oddly enough, it happens so far away from home. Additionally, this is DeRozan’s second career meeting to score at least 35 points with an accuracy of 75%, the previous meeting having taken place against Boston on November 1.

On the other side, PG scored 27 points in 7 of 25 attempts (28%)., including a streak of 2 10- to 3-fold (20%) on the night Eric Bledsoe had the most success going into the basket thanks to 7 of 14 shots from the field for 21 points.

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Clippers say goodbye to their big moment which they went from being 1-4 to being one of the first classifiers in the West. With their first defeat since October 29, California will have two days to prepare for the duel San Antonio Tottenham before their tour visit. Meanwhile, those from Billy Donovan They return to the path of victory and score in an unfamiliar stadium against one of the strongest opponents in the entire league, best prepared for the complex match they will face. Soon against the Lakers.

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