Increased car licenses are sometimes considered a headache, especially when many of us get a lot of calls about them every month. However, you can never neglect the value of an extended warranty coverage plan offered by a legit and reputable company. Many companies offer valuable service contracts to car owners, and Select Auto Protect is one of them. This review article looks closely at how Select Auto Protect works and how much it costs for the extra protection. Keep reading for un-biased Select Auto Protect reviews.

About the company

Select Auto Protect is a Wellington, Delaware, auto service provider founded in 2020. Despite healthy competition in the market, the company maintained excellent ratings based on the quality of its service and repairs, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, they do not limit the number of claims that customers can make. In addition, they also provide customers with parts of the vehicle that cannot be repaired.

Available in as many as 50 states, Select Auto Protect has enabled consumers to repair their vehicles at any ASE-certified workshop. They offer three coverage plans: Select Platinum, Select Silver, and Select Gold.

Breakdown of Select Auto Protect Warranty Coverage

Cash Select is a basic plan offered by Select Auto Protect. This extended warranty covers the engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, drive shaft, and electrical system. You also get roadside assistance, trip interruption benefits ($60 per day for up to three days), and car rental coverage.

The Gold plan adds coverage to the steering system and helps unlock your car if you’re locked out. Select Platinum pays for repairs on more advanced auto parts such as ABS, AWD and turbochargers, and superchargers. This plan includes heating and air conditioning systems, fuel systems, front and rear suspension, and high-tech amenities.

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Select Auto Protect: What do the protection plans cover?

The level of coverage depends on the protection plan. The higher the plan, the more parts, and systems are covered. The immediate cash plan includes engine, driveshaft, transmission, brake, cooling, electrical, and trip interruption. It also offers other services such as roadside assistance and car rental subsidy.

In addition to the Silver plan, the Gold Select plan covers the lock service and operating system. In addition to the Gold plan, the Select Platinum plan covers air conditioning, ABS brakes, fuel system, suspension technology, and turbo/supercharger.

How select Auto Protect plans work

After purchasing the Select Auto Protect warranty extension, verify that the vehicle’s mileage is correct on your contract. This is important because your service contract is tailored to a certain number of miles indicated on the registration page.

Extended car warranties usually have a waiting period before you can file a claim. The default waiting time for Auto Protect is 30 days and 1,000 miles. If you don’t get 1,000 miles per month, you’ll have to wait longer to make a claim.

After the waiting period, you can have an ASE-certified technician cover repairs. Let the shop know about your extended warranty plan so the mechanic can call to approve the repair. Select Auto Protect pays the store by credit card when work is completed on your vehicle. If the technician does not accept credit card payments over the phone, Select Auto Protect will reimburse you.

Which plan is right for you?

The Select Auto Protect coverage plan depends on your vehicle model and needs. If you don’t need additional coverage, such as a turbocharger or supercharger, you should choose a lower rate like the Gold or Silver Select plan. However, a Platinum plan may be the right choice if you need complete peace of mind and don’t worry about the extra cash. In short, the coverage plan’s decision should be based on your needs and the level of protection you require.

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