A nuclear submarine targets Italy, and the alarm goes off;  Here’s what happens

Warning of the presence of a nuclear submarine in the seas surrounding Sardinia

aNuclear submarine He points towards Italy and is taken Alert: Here’s what happens.

Newspaper ProphetIt stated in its electronic version that AFrench submarine Moving towards Middle Eastern. In fact, there are numerous reports from some X (formerly Twitter) accounts, which specialize in military ship movements. He was leaving from Port Toulon And he approached the seas About Sardinia.

This submarine movement could be a Strengthen If there is a possibility Military escalation with Iran. Its presence would lead to increased European power in our “sea,” as also demonstrated by the recent presence of the US aircraft carrier “Eisenhower” near Israel.

Obviously, on
The exact location there is a great deal of uncertaintyBecause military information is very secret and therefore difficult to understand. An alert has been issued for Goal Last dive near The eastern coast of SardiniaBut it is not certain that it was he who left France.

The submarine in question is called “Sovereign“It is not equipped with binoculars, but with binoculars Visual treeWhich allows you to detect targets at long distances and outside the visible spectrum. The ship is capable of using i Submarine missiles Land attack cruiserMDCN“, was launched via a torpedo tube. Experts say it is ten times quieter than the previous generation of French Navy instruments and is among these devices Most advanced military engineering objects in the world.


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