Vatican City – “As far as I know, they know. They were and still do. Then you know how it is, in the middle of a maze of bureaucracy, communications may not get where they should. But I’m just explanations, I know both parties were informed at that timeto”.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s foreign secretary, explains that Kiev and Moscow, although “we didn’t know,” were aware of the “mission” for peace in Ukraine that Pope Francis mentioned to reporters on the flight back from Hungary, Sunday. â???????????????????????????????? I am surprised that Kiev and Moscow said they did not know about it, I do not know what impulse or inference he responds to, ”he considers, speaking on the sidelines of the presentation of a book about Don Tonino Bello,“ A Changing Voice ”, at Lomasa University. This also, moreover, shows all the difficulty A “mission” that “will be carried out,” says the Secretary of State, even if it remains confidential for the time being: “What can I add other than what Pope Francis said? He said there would be a mission to be announced when it became public and I repeat the same phrases he used, I won’t go into detail. Pope spoke in these terms, and we leave it to him to give any further informationto”.

The goal, after all, is clear: «Find points of agreement and put an end to this massacre which severely affects Ukraine but also has major implications for Russia.” This morning, at the end of the public audience, Francis received Metropolitan Anthony, “Foreign Minister” of the Moscow Patriarchate, but the meeting “has nothing to do” with the mission the pope spoke of and is “part of the normal contacts that exist”. As for the alleged drone attack on the Kremlin, the foreign minister sums it up: «All military actions, especially if they serve to create a climate of hostility, certainly do not bring peace closer. I don’t know if there are conditions for a ceasefire today. Let’s hope… I think this Vatican initiative, if anything, should go in that direction. As we have always said, we would like to get the fighting to stop and then start a peace process”, concludes Cardinal Parolin. Russian agency taxCiting a Vatican “official”, he talks about the pope’s ambassadors who could be sent to Moscow and Kiev with a message from Francis.

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