Mara Flex: She told how she had the opportunity to be an actress.  “I don't even believe in cinema” |  Video

With all the strength of his character, Mara Flex He recounted the occasion when a mysterious man approached him to suggest he make a movie. The act was immediately rejected by the singer without realizing that her acceptance would completely change her life and become a symbol of her era.

This was discussed during an interview by Even TrujilloWho explained to him that this man (Fernando Palacios(Spanish filmmaker) had a good look, because he insisted until I questioned him. The show was introduced to her when she was looking at the windows of a street store Historic Center of Mexico. Then she worked as a receptionist for a plastic surgeon.

A man stood in front of me and interrogated me and offered to do Movies. I thought it was something that wasn’t quite right. Moreover, I did not believe in movies, nor had any idea about filmmaking. For me it was an invented story about that guy, ” “Pray for” With cigars in hand.

Likewise, she commented that over time this man took her cues and insisted to the degree that I thought and thought: “Why hasn’t this been proven and that has been done?

How did Mara Flex do it if she wasn’t ready as an actress?

Jamila Mara revealed that she did not receive a lesson that would prepare her for her an actress; But he assured that his wonderful improvisations and memory helped him a lot, as he had to learn the dialogues, which was not difficult for him.

She commented, “I have been fortunate in my life to meet very amazing people, amazing people who helped her perform as an actress that I thought was fun.” Mara Flex.

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Anniversary of the death and birth of Mara Flex

This April 8th is special for Mexican cinema, because it is the day the Mexican golden movie singer was born and died, Mara de los Nguels Flex JeriaThe real name of the actress. Lamos Land, Sonora, saw it come into the world in 1914 and Mexico City, die in 2002.

Some of the films “La Doa” has starred in were:

  • Nemas Pen (1942)
  • Mara Eugenia (1942)
  • Doaa Barbara (1943)
  • La China Poblana (1943)
  • The Soulless Woman (1943)
  • The Nun Frieze (1944)

He also made foreign cinema and filmed films in Europe, Spain, Italy and France that earned him international fame. In addition, she is famous for her strong personality, which does not allow anyone to breed with her.



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