Jean-Louis Hubert opens the Printemps de Bourges:

“Thank you for the live performances you’ve done on Facebook. They’ve done us a lot of good during the closings. Courtesy Eric, the artistic director of the hotel he’s staying at in Bourges, complimented Jean-Louis Hubert. Looking back on Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after opening With Noé Preszow at the 45th Printemps de Bourges, the singer admits he’s nervous.

With 45 years of his career and thousands of concerts on the clock, he anticipates as much as he dreads this comeback on stage, fifteen months after the abrupt end of his solo tour at Zenith. Especially he is back with musicians, wind sculptors.

Do you have some pressure to open Bourget?

Jane Louis Aubert. no no (spring). We haven’t practiced much with the band, we haven’t played together for long, we play in a room that reverberates… I’m still nervous, but there’s a little more. But I won’t wait until all conditions are right. There is a breach and we rush to it happily. I was always on stage with the idea of ​​playing as if it was the last concert. to the max!

And then, spring has a special place for you…

We played with Téléphone in its early days (Editor’s note: From the third edition 1979). It’s like a Greek column, a historical festival, an introduction. Festivals are characterized by this characteristic of the celebration of cities and on the map. Before, we used to say Bourget, where is he? Now everyone knows where Borg is and we associate it with Printemps. Or this summer. But it remains the first festival of the season.

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Its director, Boris Fidel, thanks the artists and producers for playing the game financially.

Yes sure. We do this according to the standards. If the festivals only accommodate 1,000 people, we charge 1,000 people. It is difficult for festivals to adapt to various health developments. We are also there to help them be reborn, to bring music, and the joy of being together, while trying not to re-create a pandemic at the start of the school year.

I played last week at the opening ceremony of the Maison de la radio et de la musique. how it was ?

There was a desire that we would be great together. The audience was a bit like in a cinema when a movie is good. Their eyes were childish. There was a special desire and a lot of passion. We feel musicians with the power of reunion, as if we were magicians who embody this encounter. Music is the art of collecting.

How do you imagine the party on Tuesday night?

I feel like I’m going back to my beginnings. It’s like “rebirth”. On top of that, on the lights and stage, we said “we’re doing as before,” and we keep it simple, no flashing in all directions.

Tonight, the audience will be hooded and seated. Do you understand it?

The poor sit until June 30th. hello hemorrhoids (spring). No, but nothing frightens me. If I stopped by these considerations, I would never start the music. Me, it was a family pandemic I had at the time. They were all masked and wanted me to stay seated (laughing again). I don’t really like the pronunciation of the word rock, but we played in somewhat revolutionary ways, the sound was messy, we played in thunderstorms, we got electrocuted, and I played in the borg bars…the party that’s gonna scare me. And then, I learned to look at the eyes, with masks, and there are some very beautiful masks.

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You will find the audience, but also the artists on the road …

As of Tuesday evening, I am very pleased to see and meet Noe Brisseau. I know he listened to me a lot, he texted me. I also love to travel by tourist bus.

How will you adapt?

I am vaccinated, we are all vaccinated or in progress. But it will be different from the usual summers, because the musicians who accompany me also play with other artists at other festivals, one with Delgres and one with Raphal. They will join us on an ad hoc basis. This summer tour was complicated, but like I said, we wanted to rush into the rags. When the previous truck stopped suddenly, on March 9, 2020 in Caen, we were crying as the trucks left.


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