Disappointing UFO report

The US government released a forecast report on Unspecified Airborne Phenomena (UAP), but the analysis in the document was described by most experts as inconclusive. The report was supposed to provide details of DoD activities around so-called unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which have been the basis for decades of speculation about mysterious technologies, which some say are inherently bizarre.

The document He points out that 143 of the reports collected from 2004 to today remain unexplained. These include 21 cases of unknown phenomena, which could demonstrate unknown technological capabilities of the United States. Referring to objects that are captured in flight and move very quickly without the use of propulsion systems, or objects that accelerate in a few moments and suddenly change course. The United States believes that the technologies to achieve these results are beyond the capabilities of other large countries such as Russia and China. Even in this case, the document indicates the need for more accurate analyzes and investigations.

In general, no evidence has been found that there were technologies drawn from secret programs from the United States or other countries, nor that these were strange sightings. However, the report does not conclusively rule out any of these possibilities, indicating the need for further investigation.

The few conclusions contained in the document are likely to feed new ones UFO speculation, especially by enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, who see these events as a sign of secret military programs or traces of the passage of alien species on Earth.

Unidentified flying objects and aliens
In general, “unidentified flying object” means any phenomenon that is observed in the sky and cannot be explained, for example because of the way that object flies or because of its shape. If subsequent analyzes and ideas allow us to understand its origin, the UFO ceases to be such and assumes other definitions.

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So it can be said that UFOs exist without reference to the existence of extraterrestrials and that those unidentified beings are the result of their technologies. However, the term “UFO” has long become synonymous with spaceships. Over the years, organizations, and sometimes even cults, have come to that point to viewing UFOs as evidence of their beliefs not only about the existence of alien life forms, but also about their existence on Earth.

UFOs are not only considered by those who undoubtedly consider them an alien appearance. Their observations are evaluated by governments in many countries, as they can lead to the discovery of threats to national security or new technologies developed in the military or civilian sphere. The newly released report was released last year, with a request to provide a review of the activities of the Office of Naval Intelligence, the FBI, and the UAP Working Group. The documents, consisting of only nine pages, have been submitted to Congress for its own assessments of the activities carried out thus far.

Few Reports
The report says that the number of views so far is too limited to identify certain trends and elements common to the different episodes. It is therefore not excluded that the reports, which were mostly the result of gunshots during military exercises, were derived from defects in the techniques used or certain visual effects. Should funding increase, the document states that more accurate systems can be organized to monitor any new UAPs in the future. This and other data has prompted many analysts to question whether the government has so far downplayed the issue, allocating limited resources to it, and potentially jeopardizing national security.

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Last summer, the Department of Defense organized a Working Group for Analysis of Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP), with the goal of trying to reconstruct the causes and origins of UFOs. The decision came a few months after the desecration of three videos taken by US military pilots who recorded the presence of previously unobserved and difficult to interpret objects in the sky. At the time, the Department of Defense explained that those videos showed phenomena not yet identified by the working group.

The three videos, one filmed in 2004 and the other two in 2015, have already been around for several years, after their unauthorized publication by a former UAP collaborator. In 2019, another video was recorded showing footage taken from a US military aircraft over a stretch of sea near San Diego (California). The footage showed a foreign object in flight, which then appeared to have disappeared into the water without leaving a trace.

5 categories
Some of these reports are among the unexplained incidents mentioned in the new report. Only one sighting was interpreted as a large balloon deflating in the air and losing altitude. This interpretation falls into the five categories defined in the document for defining UAPs:

1. a secret technology developed by an opposing military force;
2. Innovative American technologies are kept secret;
3. natural phenomenon;
4. Material left in flight, such as an out-of-control weather balloon;
5. Another, a category in which space technologies also fall.

The US government has pledged to inform Congress within three months of what it intends to do to improve the identification and analysis capabilities of UAPs. The program should include new monitoring systems to be developed over the next few years. The initiative will include a system of periodic updates to Congress on progress, and of course on any new sightings.

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