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(ANSA) – MOSCOW, March 17 – “Thousands” of Chechen volunteers went to Ukraine. This was confirmed by the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Three weeks after the start of Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, Kadyrov claimed on his Telegram account that one of his relatives, Apti Alaeddinov, was “responsible for a thousand volunteers from the Chechen Republic” who were “on their way to participate in the Chechen Republic. Special Operation Disarmament and Disarmament of Ukraine” “. The Chechen leader, who rules his Caucasus republic with an iron fist, claimed last Monday that he was in Ukraine with Moscow’s forces at a captured airport near Kyiv. However, this information cannot be independently verified and Ukrainian officials have been questioned. Ramzan Kadyrov, who has been criticized by international NGOs for the massive human rights violations taking place in Chechnya, is a staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin and has a militia under his command. At the beginning of the Russian offensive, pictures spread on social media showing a square in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, filled with soldiers who said they were ready to leave for Ukraine at any moment. Forces under Kadyrov’s control are accused of numerous violations in Chechnya. (handle).

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