30 Soldiers 7/13 from the parking lot, Clay Thompson can take his time

This Warriors – Blazers is one of the games to follow tonight, we are not going to draw a picture for you. Oh and if you will. Damien Lillard, Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson are two teams that are accustomed to stamping bench legs and trembling while playing. If it had been a first-season game, a man would have done nothing and put his bells clearly on that night on October 4th.

So this era is over. Officially completed. But yes, you remember, that incredible time was still one more chance to hit every Jordan Pool game bar because that person hit one in every fifteen shoots. Not so long ago, because the small pool has come a long way from being one of the Warriors’ offensive leaders today, the punishment is crazy, and I want to prove a full 2020-21 workout. Good intentions. Tonight? The focus at the beginning of Sancy Phillips as Blazers coach, for example, was placed elsewhere., Based on the MVP trophy of Andre Ecuador’s final or in the first game of the season with Stephen Curry and Damien Lillard, of course.

But if the last two people named didn’t lose their talent, it was this guy named Jordan Pool who saw that circle as a swimming pool, and it sank completely. Jordan Poole? On another planet, the pre-season planet, e, but still the author of Night Perf and it is not already bad. When it comes to 7/13 parking, 3/3 throw, and parking parking including 30 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 theft and 2 blocks, 10/17 shooting.

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In fact, Jordan was not satisfied against Portland and screwed up their defense, taking all of his shots or almost two good meters behind him, especially in his first quarter ending directly with a buzzer-Peter from the changing rooms. A small trash can after seeing Nasir Little demolished … he is a good amount of betrayal by Anfarni Simons before Boolean speed and wonders where he learned.And finally an important sentiment: Clay Thompson can quietly manage his recovery because Step Curry has a splash pro in JP, which may be an alternative.

We did not tell you about the score because no one cared, but we can tell you that the Warriors’ first qualifying test went well, and when the Avery Bradley / Juan Toscano-Anderson pair were off the bench, a bench came out of it easily … Otto Porter Jr.? Come on, look forward to the next dubs game, we don’t even have time to release Pool Renard Viper.

Statistics Warriors Blazers 5 October 2021


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