Windows 11 22483.1000 is available to Insiders in the Developer Channel

Just moments ago, Microsoft announced WAS (Windows Subsystem for Android) for beta (US only), and there’s also a new user insider in the developer channel. Windows 11 22483.1000, more precisely 10.0.22483.1000 rs_prerelease.

Only the dev version will be able to start Android apps later. The focus here is really on Windows 11 22000. The new Insider is more than a maintenance update. We will present the new version as an ISO file again. We’ll deliver the link here, or you can search in the sidebar.

  • We added the ability to right-click the Recommended or More button in Get started to update the items that appear there.

Known issues:

  • Users who upgrade from version or earlier to later Dev-Channel versions using the latest Dev-Channel ISO may receive the following warning message: The version you are trying to install is Flight Signed. To continue with the installation, activate “Flight Signature”. If you receive this message, press the Activate button, restart your computer and try to update again.
  • Some users may experience reduced screen time and sleep. We are studying the potential effects of a shorter screen and over idle time on power consumption.
  • We’re investigating reports from insiders that the Processes tab in Task Manager is sometimes empty.
  • We’re working on a fix for an issue that causes errors to be checked on some devices with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCPTION when updated starting from the latest version. If you have already encountered this problem, try restarting the device and trying to update again.
  • We are investigating reports from insiders that Xbox Game Pass games cannot be installed with error 0x00000001.
  • start menu In some cases, you may not be able to enter any text when using search from Start or the taskbar. If the problem occurs, press WIN + R on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog, then close it.
  • Taskbar The taskbar sometimes flashes when switching input methods.
    We’re working on a fix for an issue that caused tooltips to display in an unexpected place when hovering over a corner of the taskbar.
  • Order After clicking the search icon in the system tray, the search box may not open. If so, restart the Windows Explorer process and open the search box again.
  • Quick Settings We are investigating reports from insiders that the volume and brightness sliders are not displaying correctly in the quick settings.
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Issues resolved

  • Order Fixed an issue causing search to appear black and no content displayed below the search box.
  • Settings: When you search for “Display” the display settings now appear.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Attempting to access the Linux entry for WSL in the File Explorer navigation area should not result in the “wsl.localhost unavailable, not enough resources available” error message on ARM64 computers.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile data transfer would not work on certain devices in the latest releases of the development channel.
  • Fixed an issue with NTFS when USN Journal was enabled where unnecessary additional actions were taken each time it was written, affecting I/O performance.
  • Some small improvements were made to keyboard navigation and the use of screen readers in Performance Monitor.
    Webview2 processes should now be grouped correctly on the Processes tab of the Task Manager with the application using them.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in publisher names not being obtained from the Publisher column in Task Manager.
  • Note: Some of the bug fixes listed here in Insider Preview builds of the active development branch may be included in maintenance updates for the released version of Windows 11.

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