Every day, Moon Active, the studio responsible for developing coin master She has fun posting on different social networks Privileges, which allows players to collect for free Spins or Coins In order to assist them in their quest and in the development of their village. To make it easier for you, you will find below, All links are shared NS coin master for a day October 28, 2021. For yesterday’s links, we invite you to read this guide.

Coin links and free spins for coins on October 28, 2021

date and time

Free Spins & Coins

daily link

10/28/2021 at 8:10 am

25 rounds (spins)

As you will notice, the developers coin master Don’t skimp on gifts and you won’t hesitate to give them Several dozen turns plus a few million pieces every day, and in particular in this October 28, 2021. All links shown below are obviously real, and this list is updated as soon as possible according to posts shared on the official social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter coin master.

Of course, each of these links, which most often refer to Facebook, can only be opened once and only once. Therefore, we recommend you Open it directly on your phone and / or tablet, via the Coin Master app, in order to avoid potential trouble and loss of related rewards.

We invite you to come back to our site every day to take note of the various links of the day for Coin Master, without having to browse dozens of questionable websites in search of valuable resources for your village.

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Coin master, what is this?

Coin Master is a strategy and building gameDeveloped and published by Moon Active, adding Slot Machine Concepts It is especially appreciated by fans of the title. Like many games of the same genre, Coin Master will remain especially easy to learn, although there are many improvements.

As a result, the slot machine, which you will have the opportunity to spin on many occasions thanks to the previously provided links, will allow you to perform certain actions such asAttack other players’ basesAnd earn coins (coins) where Get shields, which will be especially interesting to reduce the attacks of your enemies. Accumulated coins or angles will give you the ability to build and improve the structures in your base.

a The competition is organized with our partner instant games, which allows you to leave with The video game of your choice, from FIFA Credits or some V-bucks.

To participate, simply click on the following link → Choose my video game !


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