Gaza, Hamas is betting on peace: a complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of the Israeli Defense Forces

Hamas will not accept anything less than a “complete cessation of aggression,” “the withdrawal of the occupation army (IDF, ed.) from Gaza” and “the lifting of the unjust siege” of the Palestinian Strip targeted by Israel. Military operations since the October 7 attack in Israel. This was confirmed by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in a statement reported by Al Jazeera satellite channel. Haniyeh called on the Israeli authorities to release Palestinian prisoners in prisons, and blamed Israel for the lack of progress towards reaching an agreement to end the conflict. The “Felesteen” newspaper, which is linked to the movement that took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, stated that Hamas “has always dealt with the mediators in a positive spirit and with great responsibility to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people.”

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“Reaching a prisoner exchange agreement through which our prisoners will be released, especially the larger ones and those who have been sentenced to severe sentences, is one of the goals of these negotiations. We are working with all available tools to stop the massacre carried out by the enemy 24 hours a day.” A ceasefire appears increasingly elusive, as the two positions appear completely irreconcilable.

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