Manchester City joined Real Madrid in the semi-final against Atletico


On the strength of the advantage in the first leg (1-0), Manchester City qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League on Wednesday, thanks to a draw on the pitch of Atletico de Madrid.

In the cauldron of Atletico de Madrid, Manchester City trembled. Pep Cardiola’s men held on for a goal (0-0) against the attack of Colconeros, allowing them to qualify with the result of a 1-0 win in the first leg.

Despite the delay in the match, Atletico de Madrid were not in a hurry from the start. Diego Simeone’s team is patient, team ahead of the opponent, and waiting for openings. Lodi brings the ball to the top with energy and serves it to Lemar. French International Centers But Stones Watches (8th). He was also the English defender who received the Manchurian corner after missing Oblock’s goal (10th).

Citizens establish their possessions but manage without worrying about the Madrid goalkeeper. Atletico defends the man fiercely, he gets a yellow card after the attacks on Photon, and then de Bruyne. The latter attempts a barrage on the young Englishman’s counter-strike. The ball is deflected to a corner (27th)

A miracle saves the people of Madrid. Mahrez makes a wonderful call to the right and heads towards the photon. The ball reaches the shooter Kundokan. Oblock was saved by his post, and then Philip pushed his title back (30th). Diego Simeone’s men respond immediately. The long possession came to an end with the strike of first Madrid player Jeffrey Kondokbia in a double clash. Ederson (35th) did not care.

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Inaccuracy in the last gesture

Returning from the locker room, Atletico went a step further and thanked their French. Griezmann is seen from behind in the area, but is prevented from hitting the extremists (45th), and then Lemer finds his shot blocked (47th).

After a transfer from Llorente, Joao Felix returned to the goal and headed back to Griezmann, whose left file turned to the left (57th).

Atletico increases pressure. Incoming Korea collapsed in the penalty area, which did not raise an eyebrow at the referee, and then de Paul blasted with his right foot, which landed on the right side of the English goal (77th). Korea then returns to Karachi, facing its recovery and being distracted by the Stones (86th). Manchester City competed against their semi-finalists, taking advantage of their opponents’ inaccuracy in the final gesture.

Anger erupts in the final moments. Philip has been sacked following another heinous offense against Bill Foton. When they had the match in hand, the Atletico de Madrid players won themselves over by tension and failed to ignite the game despite the thirteen minutes of extra time given by the referee. Kundokan also failed to score the first goal of the game in the final moments, but Oblock pulled it off with an impeccable save. However, the last two signatories were rejected by Karasko and Korea Ederson. Atletico de Madrid expelled from the Champions League.


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