Colombian food company RobinFood raised $32 million to grow in Latin America

Bogota – I missed you Colombian Robin Foodwith its operations in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, has raised $32 million to help it expand into Latin America, the company’s founders told Bloomberg Line.

The tour led by investors like Blue Like and Orange Sustainable Capital (BLAO), Palm Drive Capital y Minerva Capital.

José Guillermo Calderon, CEO of RobinFood, confirmed that this tour will allow them to further strengthen their presence in Colombia, Where they have more than 57 points of salewhile contributing to the consolidation of its position in Brazil and Mexico.

The I missed you The Colombian says with the launch of 10 new brands It can reach an annual income of $100 million by the end of 2022 And more than 1,000 websites for brands.

RobinFood, which collects brands MUY, Pixi, Natural Sin, Tremendous, Tribute, Yin Yamm, FoodCoins, In the past, it has had support from funds such as ALLVP from Mexico, Seaya from Spain, Endeavor Catalyst and 14W in the United States.

The Colombian company has adopted artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies developed in the region Allow you to predict demand and reduce food waste.

RobinFood explains that thanks to this he was able to Achieving more than 650 tons of food savings during 2021.

With about US$185.4 million raised in recent years in Colombia, las I missed you It is consolidated as one of the parts of the ecosystem of Startups More dynamic and robust local businesses with success stories like those of Frubana or RobinFood.

The dynamics of technological solutions targeting the food sector also boosted the activity Startups from the logistics chain, which contributes 67% of what the entire ecosystem has lifted (counting the contributions of the Rappi unicorn), according to a KPMG report.

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It is estimated that there are just over thirty in the country I missed youWhich contributes 3.33% of companies to the local ecosystem. These, in turn, have a base of 820 collaborators in the country.

the report 2021 Food Technology Annual Reportfrom the specialist company PitchBook, brings out the past “It has been an extraordinary year for financing.” Startups from this sector in the world.

In fact, this indicates that venture capital investments in 2021 amounted to $39.3 billion in 1,358 operations, twice the amount compared to the previous year.


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