Elder Scrolls Online Golden Vendor - Location, Shop Items & More

The Gold Vendor is available with rare items for sale in Cyrodiil. Here’s how to find them, week 20 shopping items, and more at Elder Scrolls Online.
Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has a variety of commercial NPCs across Tamriel, selling a wide range of items of different types, rares, and uses. Some merchants do not sell goods and may instead provide useful services to players in exchange for gold.

Adhazabi Aba-daro, the gold seller, is one of the many merchants you can find in Tamriel, and its location depends on the alliance you choose at the start of the game. This guide will explain how you can find it, the types of items it stores, and what’s available in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online Golden Vendor – Emplacement

The gold seller, Adhazabi Aba-daro, is a limited-time merchant born in Cyrodiil. Depending on the alliance you chose, it can be found near the north gate of Highrock (Alliance of Daggerfall), the west gate of Elsweyr (Aldmeri Dominion), or the south gate of Morrowind (Ebonheart Pact).

One of the places where players can find a gold seller is near Elsweyr’s West Gate in Cyrodiil. (Photo: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Adhazabi, or Golden as the ESO community calls it, only appears on weekends when you sell rare items that might otherwise be available by completing quests, expansions, and downloadable content. She will appear at one of the above locations in Cyrodiil every Friday at 00:00 GMT before closing her store on Monday at 12:00 GMT.

Elder Scrolls Golden Seller Online – Store Inventory

The Adhazabi Store is replenished weekly before appearing in the game; However, the types of items you sell remain the same. She will have four different jewelry sets. Two sets of dungeons come in, the remaining two are Overland sets, which are unique to a particular region or region and often rare enemy drops.

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In addition, it sells high-rarity monster set pieces obtained from dungeons. Therefore, players need to search for it at the end of every week because the items offered do not recur frequently, so make sure you have enough alliance points or gold before visiting them.

The Elder Golden Vendor Scrolls Online – Week 20 Products to Shop

Adhazabi sells many rare items every weekend. As mentioned earlier, her store inventory will be updated to make new offers available for purchase every week. Below we describe the latest items available in Adhazabi store that you can get week 20:

  • The genius of Arcasis: A piece of the contract for 250,000 gold coins or 500,000 alliance points
  • DomehouseHat coin for 1,000,000 gold coins or 200,000 alliance points
  • Domehouse: 1 coin for 100,000 gold coins or 200,000 alliance points
  • newborn shell: A piece of the contract for 150,000 gold coins or 300,000 alliance points
  • Hollow Fang thirst: A piece of the contract for 250,000 gold coins or 500,000 alliance points
  • Mrs. ThorneGet 100,000 gold coins or 200,000 alliance points
  • Mrs. Thorne: 1 coin for 100,000 gold coins or 200,000 alliance points
  • Senchal defender: A piece of the contract for 150,000 gold coins or 300,000 alliance points
Senior Scrolls Online eso Golden Vendor Shop Provides a rare item on the weekend
Items in the Golden Vendor store are only available on weekends, so visit their store before it gets cold. (Photo: ZeniMax Online Studios)

These shopping items are available for Week 20, which expires Monday, May 23, 2022 at 12:00 GMT at Elder Scrolls Online. Adhazabi will return to the designated locations for Week 21 as new items become available.

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Image courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios.


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