Strange look at the press ball in Hamburg: Patricia Blanco shows off her naked breasts at the event!

Patricia Blanco (51) made a strange appearance at the Hamburg Press Ball on Saturday. The 51-year-old posed for the cameras with bare breasts.

Hamburg – Strange acting by Patricia White (51): Trash TV Actress Saturday 72nd Hamburger Pressball Naked Facts – and Lots of nodding – taken care of.

Patricia Blanco (51) made a bizarre appearance at the Hamburg Press Ball. The 51-year-old not only lit up her nipples, but also posed for cameras with bare breasts. © Photomontage: patriciablancoofficial, IMAGO / Future Image

The 51-year-old arrived at the event with her longtime fianc, real estate millionaire Andreas Ellerman, 55, at the classic “Grand Elysee” hotel.

With her black high heels and green handbag, the “Celebrities Under the Palm Trees” participant wore a low-cut, black dress – and it was more revealing than many guests wanted.

So Patricia’s nipples shone! But the thing that would have been most embarrassing to most people was not disturbing the daughter of pop singer Roberto Blanco (85). On the contrary!

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At times, the woman from Hamburg completely stripped naked and posed for the cameras with bare breasts and a wide smile! What is the use of this completely irrelevant look?

“Today I was so stressed, I forgot to pick up the small stickers (…) that stick on both sides and usually prevent the dress from slipping. So I made it a joke and showed everything,” 51 explained. – Age compared to Built newspaper. Wow …

Patricia and her breasts – as is well known, this is a story: in 2017 she underwent breast surgery, but had dramatic complications. As a result, her nipples died and had to be removed.

Last year, a former “forest camp” resident finally painted new nipples. “In the first session, the shape was colored and in the second treatment, the 3D effects were set with different color shades, making it look real and natural,” he wrote on Instagram.

Reality Queen loves the decision so much she wants to show it to everyone

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