He tries to open the door of the plane heading to Chicago, and other passengers intercept him: video

Panic on a airplane SubordinateAmerican Airlines directed to chicagoin the United States, where a passenger tried to open the back door The emergency exit immediately after take-off, before it is blocked by some people on board A flight. the video The episode, which spread on social media, shows some passengers snatching the man’s hands from the door, then confronting him.

Video of the man trying to open the plane door

the Shocking video The incident, which was broadcast on Channel X, shows some passengers forcefully removing the man's hands from the car the back door.

And later, as you can see, many people lo They deal with her in the corridor He was immobilized.

After being chased, the men who intervened had to work together to do so Secure the legs with tape From the man and He tied his hands behind his back, trying to push him away. This is according to what was reported by the @AstuteGaba account.

The flight had to return to the departure airport

The flight to Chicago had to return in an hourAlbuquerque International (New Mexico) Departure Airport.

Once on the ground, the police took over Arrest of the individual.

The news has been confirmed by Flying peoplewho reported a “nuisance customer” on board Flight 1219 to Chicago O'Hare Airport from Albuquerque.

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Data on unruly passengers

According to data from FAA, Federal Aviation Agencythe number of The number of “unruly” passengers increased. In the past two years.

whether in 2022 it is in 2023 Reported cases have actually exceeded the quota 2 thousand.

However, the numbers have declined sharply compared to A record level of nearly 6 thousand in 2021.

Image source: 123RF/X


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