Halo Bungie developer is now an official part of Sony

Game developer Bungie is now officially a part of Sony. The company announced this on Twitter and officially welcomed the former “Halo” developer to the Playstation family. Sony announced the acquisition earlier this year, and it’s now complete.

The January announcement also said Sony Interactive Entertainment would pay $3.6 billion to acquire Bungie. in US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report He is now talking about “about US$3.7 billion”.

Bungie continues to enjoy creative freedom and future games will no longer be exclusive to PlayStation, Sony confirmed when announcing the acquisition in January, noting that the Destiny developer had “absolutely cool” plans for more content. Sony announced its acquisition of Bungie shortly after Microsoft announced that it had acquired Activision Blizzard for $69 billion.

Bungie’s portfolio also includes “Destiny” shooters from 2013 and “Destiny 2” (2017). Destiny was originally built for 10 years, but critics complained as early as 2014 that the game was technically successful, but boring in the long run.

Bungie was instrumental in the success of Xbox with the Halo series. In the 1990s, the American game developer Marathon produced the first-person shooter trilogy for Apple Macintosh devices. “Halo” was also scheduled for production for the Mac and was introduced in a trailer by Steve Jobs at the Macworld conference in 1999, while it was still in development. Then Microsoft bought the rights a year later and “Halo” was developed for the first Xbox console.

The rights remain with Microsoft and since the release of “Halo 4”, which was released in 2012, 343 Industrie has continued to develop the series. The current “Halo Iinfinite” part was released a year later at the end of 2021. In March, a series – the first nine-part season by Paramount – for the game of the same name was released on “Sky” in Germany.

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