google browser He seems to believe in the future of newsletters. At least more than in RSS feeds. The company has just given life to Museletter, a new Google Drive-based service that will allow Internet users to easily create and distribute newsletters.

Museletter is the latest establishment of 120 area, the company’s famous R&D department. Creation is only available by invitation at the moment.

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Important details. More than just a service, Museletter is truly an experience. So it is not known when it will be possible to take advantage of the service. Not even if we could.

Museletter, the newsletter from Google

On the other hand, if we want to believe the details obtained Android Police, so this new service doesn’t really work like other newsletter services.

Instead of launching a dedicated platform, Google actually preferred to rely on its architecture.

Therefore, Museletter relies concretely on Google Drive to operate and to allow users to create and manage their newsletters. They can therefore rely on Google Docs, Google Sheets, or even Google Slides to design emails to send.

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A service based on Google Drive

Once the message is written, all they have to do is import their mailing list to send it. Interestingly, while Museletter is completely free, the service does provide an option for users to create paid newsletters that are only available with a monthly subscription.

This does not mean, of course, that Google does not intend to take advantage of it. The company plans to include premium functionality for its monetization, such as personal domain names or other similar options.

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However, Museletter will not be limited to creating and distributing newsletters. Finally, comprehensive analytical tools will be introduced to enable service users to monitor the results of their campaigns. And when you know the company’s experience in this field, it announces good.

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Premium functionality and comprehensive analytics tools

As mentioned earlier, Museletter is more of an experiment at the moment. So it is not open to everyone. However, Google has published an online form to allow you to request early access to the service. There is HereHowever, it is not yet open to all markets.

However, it is possible to bypass the restrictions set by going through a VPN and determining your location in the United States. It will simply be necessary to indicate to Google your site address or newsletter as well as your Twitter/Instagram nicknames for the request to be considered.


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