A severe heat wave has already exceeded 50 degrees.

A long and widespread heat wave will continue to affect the region.the West Until the beginning of the week with Temperatures Record levels. And in the next few days Temperatures The highest records ever will be challenged in some parts of thethe WestDaily highs of . Washington toArizona It can exceed 38°C, with some locations in the southwestern desert exceeding 46°C daily.

Factors such as the recent shortage of RainfallLow relative humidity levels Temperatures Choking will create a great danger. Forest firesExtreme conditions can significantly increase the risk of heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heat fatigue.

Meteorologists say the extended heat wave is expected to continue across the western states until at least the beginning of the week. Temperatures The region's extreme temperatures are largely due to a series of swollen ridges in the jet stream that hold high pressure above it with a constant influx of heat from the south.

“A large and extensive thermal layer covers the western part of the Earth. United State will bring Temperatures Records from the desert California South to Northwest Pacific

the Temperatures Maximum temperatures during the day will exceed 38 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country.Arizonafrom Californiathe follower Nevadathe follower Utahthe followerOregonfor Washington Even fromIdaho.Bedinowski highlighted what cities love. Seattle They will challenge their daily records every day until TuesdayThe heat can be particularly dangerous in some cities in the west of the country. Waterfalls In the western part of Washingtonlike Seattle, Olympia And Port AngelesMany people and homes do not have air conditioning.

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In the central valleys California In the desert and concave areas of the southwest, temperatures are expected to exceed 43°C and even 46°C in the coming days. “The historical record is 47°C at Las vigas can be beaten Sundayand daily records a Las vigas They could be challenged or beaten almost every day starting this weekend and at least until Thursday the next”.

Weather, heat and wildfire risks

A combination of Temperatures high, low Rainfall Low relative humidity levels create a favorable environment for the development of Forest fires Extremism. Extreme weather conditions not only increase the risk of infection FiresBut it also poses serious public health risks, with increased cases of heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Western city with extreme temperatures

A city like Seattle, Olympia And Port Angeles in Washington They are particularly vulnerable to extreme heat conditions, as many homes are not equipped with air conditioning. Local authorities are closely monitoring the situation and taking measures to mitigate its effects on the population.

Forecast for Southwest United States

In the southwest of United StateDesert areas and central valleys California They are recording. Temperatures Above 43°C. Cities like Las vigas Record temperatures could be seen in the coming days, increasing the risk of infection. Forest fires Heat-related illnesses. On Sunday, a maximum temperature of 46 degrees Celsius was recorded, close to the all-time record. But in the deserts near the city, values ​​exceeded the 50-degree mark.

Meteorologists continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates on ongoing severe weather conditions.

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