Miguel Herrera ratified his eleven against Xolos for Day 1 of A2021

Miguel Herrera He is very clear about what he is looking for for the first time in an official match against tigers In the new tournament Mexico screams A21, When they visit on Sunday night Xolos from Tijuana.

And is that the “louse” repeated lining up in intersquadras on Thursday in Maidan university stadium, With the only grandmother who did not change anyone the time the practice continued, because the captain has now completed the work Guido Pizarro.

On Wednesday, the Count was only in the middle of tactical training because they were taking care of my left calf muscle pain, so Leo Fernandez He entered his place, but this Thursday he is no longer.

Pizarro stayed in all the interior spaces and made it clear that the physical discomfort was left behind and so Herrera was able to fully work with what he planned to face this “Perros Aztecas” July 25 at 9:00 pm. In the Caliente Stadium.

The lineup that confirmed “Piojo” was with: Nahuel Guzman in the bow Eric Avalos, Hugo Ayala, Diego Reyes and Francisco Venegas in defense; Rafael Carioca Like nailed containment, Guido Bizarro s Juan Pablo Vigon As interior decorations while putting forward Javier Aquino On the left, Carlos Gonzalez as the center of the attack and Nicholas Lopez to the far right.

According to people who were able to observe the exercise, the starting team was dynamic, with a lot of bands arriving and with Carlos Gonzalez He was right about the opportunities he had.

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In addition, Herrera, as he usually does, worked a lot on consistent tactics in attack and defense, both in free throws and in corners, something that the Mexican strategist likes so much and where he makes the most of it, at least with USA It was one of their main weapons.

change numbers

For the tournament starting this weekend, the Tigers will have two changes to their player numbers, one of which will be with Francisco Venegaswho leaves behind 15th Now use the number 8, Historic one in the club.

While the youth team Eric Avalos It won’t have a three digit number anymore like the previous campaign (I used the extension 189) and now you will download the extension 34, in addition to the fact that at least for the first two or three days he will be the undisputed initiator of the the right side.

In total, there are 23 items that have already appeared on Thursday on the portal of Liga MX and where the two boosters for this tournament, the French Florian Thuven (26) and Juan Pablo Vigon (6) They are already in the numbers they are going to use.


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