The case of Italians arrested, detained, and expelled from Great Britain as illegal immigrants

AGI – European citizens were arrested and locked up in British identification centers, before being deported, for attempting to enter the country without a work or residence visa. European diplomats expressed their concern in light of cases of citizens staying in centers for up to seven days before being returned to their country. She mentioned it to Politico, claiming it was At least 30 cases involving German, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Spanish heroes.

European embassies in London provided legal advice and stepped in to try to shorten the period of detention, although not all EU citizens are present. They sought consular support.

The majority are young people who attempt to enter the UK to work as a babysitter or other odd jobs, as was common when the country was still part of the European Union. The long period of detention in some cases is partly explained by the fact that due to travel restrictions on Covid, there are fewer flights available and the UK Home Office must also arrange a smear before returning home. However, some European governments have found this “Disproportionate” delays And they would like Brussels to take a tougher stance on London.

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