Colombian players looked frustrated after their home defeat to Uruguay. R. Stadium Melendez Metropolitan, Barranquilla, Colombia. November 13, 2020 (Reuters) / Luisa Gonzalez

There are only hours for Colombia Choice In front of Uruguay for the South American Qualifiers Qatar 2022 and the votes approved on the topic of football continue to comment on the match, such as the case of Dario SilvaFormer Uruguayan footballer at the end of the nineties.

Silva, who has scored 14 goals in 46 appearances representing his country, said that among those led by Reinaldo Rueda, you only have to fear one footballer, who can be faced with a personal brand. it’s about Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

“I think Colombia is a team that can be beaten. It is a team with only one player, I have always said that, and he is the square (…). He is an exceptional player and he is the only one who makes the difference”, explained the former Uruguayan footballer.

Considering how lopsided Cuadrado can be, what Dario Silva recommends to DT Óscar Washington Tabárez is to put a “single tick” on it, given that for him, “70 percent of the game Colombia plays in that aspect”.

Silva also confirmed that the Uruguayans “They have to go out and kill from the start”, considering that Colombia is the direct competitor in the ranking, which is only two points ahead.

God and Cavani’s words about Colombia

Two days ago, Diego Godin, captain of the Uruguay national team, referred to the match against Colombia: “The three points against Colombia are key, it’s a final. It’s the game we have at home and it’s a direct competition.”

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Godin is right, he flew home with Martin Caceres, Nahitan Nández and Gaston Pereiro, all Serie A gunmen to Montevideo, when he said they scored in the net coffee growers It is vital. Uruguay’s next matches this month will be against Brazil and Argentina, the first two qualifiers, as visitors.

What Reinaldo Rueda expects is that he is planning an attacking match, despite playing in the Uruguayan capital, given that if he wins, in addition to removing the thorn from the victory at the Estadio Roberto Melendez, Colombia will be left as a direct contender in a mediocre career.

It is indicated that all coffee farms He will also have to face Brazil, who won all the qualifying matches, and Ecuador, who beat him 6-1 in 2020, a win that led to the departure of the Portuguese coach. Carlos Queiroz.

Diego Godin and Edinson Cavani, forming the Uruguayan team.  Photograph: Michael Dalder/Reuters
Diego Godin and Edinson Cavani, forming the Uruguayan team. Photograph: Michael Dalder/Reuters

Edinson CavaniAnd Another field marshal from Uruguay, though not in defense but in attack, confirmed that his team would go out to win at home and in other countries. To face Canarinha Until now AlbicelesteYes No.

“Here the qualifiers are very competitive and difficult, so football is that you have to go out on the field and sometimes they end up playing matches that one wouldn’t expect. Trust our team and see what we can offer,” said the Manchester United striker.

As for the Colombia national team, he commented that the match is important because it is the first of the three in October, but not because it contains something special. Although the exit from the 2014 World Cup quarter-finals in Brazil by Jose Nestor Pekerman was a milestone, the eye of the two teams qualify for Qatar 2022.

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