Mass deportations, control of justice, and pardons for the Capitol Hill attackers: Trump's second term on the cover of Time magazine

What can we expect from Donald Trump's second term, if he beats outgoing Joe Biden in the US presidential election in November? Of all things, as we are accustomed to, the American businessman who, after victory in 2016 and defeat in 2020, aims to reach the White House again. This time not as an outsider, but this time with a Republican Party that has been cannibalized by a more willing radical electorate. This time, with the experience of the four-year period previously covered once. And with the promise of not wanting to waste even a single minute in achieving what he promises to achieve upon his return to Washington. He tells it in two Long conversations It was with time To whom I dedicate the cover of the next issue, he explains the pillars of the second term that he would like to achieve. “Trump is in a better position to win the White House than at any time in his previous campaigns. He is narrowly ahead of Joe Biden in most polls, including in several of the seven states where he is still undecided who is likely to win,” Eric Cortlesa explains. Determine the outcome.” It doesn't matter much that he is also the first former president to face criminal proceedings. This is not the kind of thing that would make someone like him nervous. In fact, it fits perfectly into the narrative of powerful forces in Washington trying to reject him and prevent him from returning to power.

Trump's agenda

At the top of Trump's list of projects is an immediate crackdown on undocumented immigrants on American soil. A move that would, as envisioned, lead to the deportation of more than 11 million people. With the help of the National Guard and, if necessary, the army as well. The journalist points out that it would be against the law to use military force against civilians. He replied: “Well, these are not civilians, these are people who are not legally present in our country.” On the subject of justice, Trump's projects are already scaring opponents and legal experts. The businessman intends to intervene personally against those prosecutors who refuse to carry out a presidential order to prosecute someone. This is a possibility that is described as a dangerous interference by the executive authority in the judicial authority. “It will depend on the situation,” he replied when asked to reiterate whether he would fire NAM prosecutors. Then, addressing his accusers in the various legal proceedings in which he is involved, he says: “What they did is terrible.” Another wake-up call for those who fear Trump can bend justice to his own satisfaction is the possibility that he will grant clemency to people convicted of participating in the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. Most of them were loyal, convinced Trump supporters. The result of the November election was overturned, and the then-outgoing Trump did nothing to refute this conspiracy theory. On voluntary abortion, he knows the party risks losing votes at the national level, so he is using a double tactic: He will do nothing to correct the Supreme Court decision that struck down the ruling. Roe v. WadeThis is thanks to the vote of 3 appointed judges. On the other hand, it will be left to the states to regulate themselves. Even observing women's pregnancies: “I think they can do it.” In addition to his intention to close the White House Office of Pandemic Preparedness, he also shows that he has clear ideas on foreign policy. His statements two months ago sent the Western allies into a state of trembling, when he said that in the event of a Russian attack, he would not intervene to support NATO countries that were not late in making payments. “If you're not going to pay, you're on your own,” he repeated. time. He urged aid to Ukraine, adding: “If Europe does not pay, why should we pay?” They are much more affected, but there is an ocean between us. They do not (send military aid, Mr. Dr)”. Perhaps the journalist’s expression, like others who conclude Trump’s every remark, is of little use: “European Union countries have donated more than $100 billion in aid to Ukraine.”

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