Renault Kwid 2023 en Colombia

Very soon you will know the refurbished Renault Kwid 2023 in our country. Details of the first display design, stability control and internal equipment.



There is only a little time left to introduce the new Renault Kwid 2023 in Colombia. This is an update of this highly anticipated and successful urban car in our country that comes with it Innovations in terms of design, interior equipment and safety. The new model debuted in Brazil, the country in which it was produced, only last January. Here, you’ll go rOmbo for traders.

This is confirmed by the images accompanying this note, which was sent by one of our readers, which contains a file “nanny” trucks carry the new Kwid on board. In addition, the vehicles are already in the warehouses of the brand in Cartagena. Pictures were taken there. We’ve already seen it before when it arrives at national ports.

Although the developments may seem slight when analyzed in depth, the truth is that It will mean a significant improvement for this car. The most important, which we were sure of: it will be The cheapest car in Colombia with stability controla safety element is now standard.

Renault Kwid 2023 and Colombia

Renault Kwid 2023 and Colombia

Renault Kwid 2023: what to expect?

We will summarize in due course the changes that the new Renault Kwid 2023 will bring, which will be ready for launch in Colombia. In due course, we will get into the necessary details.

First of all, a new frontal design is being launched. It adopts the two-level lights pattern, which is already common in a large number of vehicles around the world, and already has an electric Kwid being produced in China and its European equivalent, Dacia Spring. Now, in addition, it will have daytime running LED lights.

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There were other upgrades: 14-inch two-tone aluminum wheels and exterior LED taillights. Inside, a new digital instrument panel, a state-of-the-art multimedia center and new upholstery design. In safety, the Kwid now has the aforementioned stability control, three-point harness for all seats and hill start assist, among other items.

During its debut in Brazil last January, the power boost of the 1.0-liter three-cylinder was also announced. It went from 66 hp to 68 hp, and from 92 Nm to 93 Nm of torque, and now with a start/stop system for improved fuel consumption. It remains to be seen whether these amendments will also be applied in our country.

Renault Kwid 2023 and Colombia

earlier than later

Having said that, it is clear that Soon we will have news About the new Renault Kwid 2023 in Colombia. It will become strong in the urban automobile sectorIt has dominated sales for a long time and will now, as before, be the strongest competitor to Kia Picanto.

Very attentive to the news in EL CARRO COLOMBIANO!

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Oscar Julian Restrepo Mantella.


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