Chiefs swim against the current after the monster deal

MUNICH – Rumors of Dyrek Hill leaving Kansas City leaders have surfaced almost everywhere. Then suddenly everything happened so quickly. The star receiver has signed a monster deal with the Miami Dolphins, and many NFL fans are now wondering why the leaders are leaving this figurehead.

Because with Hill Trade, Kansas City is taking a completely different approach than the other three owners of the division.

The Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Riders and Los Angeles Chargers have greatly strengthened this insane offseason.

Diary Hill: The next Monster Deal for the season

Some experts and fans are talking about the most exciting season in history. Understandably, AFC West alone has some big names. The Broncos made a monstrous trade at Russell Wilson and advanced to the quarterback. Riders merged Davante Adams with Green Bay Packers to become the NFL’s highest paid broadcaster.

The Chargers have strengthened their defense with one of the best players in the league due to Khalil Mack’s amazing trade. And what do chiefs do? They let a player with the same ability go to Miami.

Talks between Hill and Chiefs were halted

Chiefs are already in deep talks with Hill about a possible contract extension that could bring in more than $ 20 million a year for the 28-year-old. He also had the opportunity to become one of the highest paid white receivers in the league. However, six years later, Hill turned down the offer and the group split up, allowing him to trade.

Hill’s new four – year contract is said to be worth $ 120 million, with more than $ 72 million guaranteed, according to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

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According to NFL’s insider Ian Roboport, the New York Jets represented the final six times in the trade race for pro bowlers. But the decision fell in favor of the Dolphins. In return, the leaders will receive three exams (rounds one, two and four) in this year’s draft and two exams (rounds four and six) in the 2023 draft from Miami.

Upland trade puts chiefs at risk

But the departure of the lightning speed receiver is not without risk. It is almost impossible for a man like Hill to replace one another. Nevertheless, the Chiefs still have to look for a successor for him in the season, otherwise there will be a big gap in the offensive game. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes would certainly welcome an adequate replacement.

But the path of the leaders is clear: instead of spending a lot of money on a great player, they prepared themselves for the future with the choices they made and the money they saved. With the choices they made, they can trade this summer to sign up as an alternative to Hill. However, it is doubtful whether the present is the right time to move towards the future.

More tension in the AFC West

This is because other teams from AFC West have set the direction with their blockbuster deals. However, with Hill’s trade, leaders are swimming against the tide, and now need to make sure the division does not lag behind. Because a receiver like Dyrek Hill, which collected 1,239 receiving yards and nine touchdowns last season, is no doubt a game changer. But Wilson, Adams and Mac.

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