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Case gets worse: Ex-president becomes more likely to be charged with obstruction of justice

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New York – resolution Donald Trump to try to slow down Investigation of documents not returned to the National Archives The request to appoint a “special master,” a third-party auditor to examine the material seized by the FBI on August 8 in Mar-a-Lago, would have been a throwback. In fact, the Justice Department used his answer to better build the case, even in the eyes of public opinion, against the former president.. thirty-six pages A picture that will stay in the history books: a Mar-a-Lago floor picture filled with documents mixed with journals and clearly indicated as top secret or top secret. A “sexy” photo, dubbed by national security experts or those who had to work yesterday Similar files.

The colors of the “covers” shown in the photo are typical of the three-level security system through which information is presented and stored. “Secrets” (in red) and other “top secrets” (in yellow) can cause “serious harm to national security” if they are in the hands of unauthorized persons.. In some (whose content has been withheld by the FBI) ​​the abbreviation HCS-P also appears, which denotes information from spies or informants.

Section instrument reconstructs how it got here. The National Archives is trying to recover the classified documents that Trump brought with him from the White House about a year ago. in january They get 15 chests and find a lot of (184) secret files inside; Then they go to the staff of the former president who, after several delays, agreed at the beginning of June to a meeting in Mar-a-Lago, where they will hand over other confidential documents and sign a declaration stating that who is left in the deposit.

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Meanwhile, the National Archives also transformed For the FBI, which found, in the “August 8th raid”, 100 other documents. The contract signed by Jay Pratt, head of the Department of Justice’s Counterintelligence Division, states that The bureau obtained the inspection warrant after getting directions (Informant?) “What Government documents may have been hidden and removed From the storage room, these efforts were likely made to obstruct the government’s investigation. So much so that other material appears in the raid: “That the FBI — Pratt argues — within hours, might Recover twice as many flagged documents As classified after the former president’s lawyer and other representatives had weeks to do their part diligent searchseriously questions the representation of the facts in the June 3 testimony and cast Doubts about the extent of cooperation in this story”.

The work of the Ministry of Justice shows how Investigators are focusing not only on whether the materials should not have been present and not been properly stored, but also on the question of whether Trump employees intentionally lied about the existence of those documents.. which would constitute a crime of obstruction of justice. In the meantime, the main question remains: Why did Trump get this substance in Mar-a-Lago and not want to return it?

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