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Current thermal anomalies in Europe
Current thermal anomalies in Europe

At these hours, Europe is thermally divided into two parts between the southwestern and north-central sectors. We are seeing marked temperature differences, due to the presence ofAfrican tornado in the Iberian Peninsulawhich causes the column to jump to record values ​​for the month of April, and the simultaneous decline of Arctic currents until they touch the Alpine arc.

It’s very hot in Spain. Yesterday, Tuesday, in Spain the maximum values ​​were reached 36 ° C in the Valencian community and the neighboring region of Murcia, 35 °C has been recorded in several places in southern Iberia including Seville, Cordoba (with 35.1 breaking the record of 34 °C set in April 2017), Morón and Jerez (the previous record of 33.6 ° set in 1997) and widespread values Above 30 degrees C – over most of Spain. It is expected in the next few days Another rise in temperature with peaks that could locally reach 40°C on Friday, which is a record high for the month of April in Spain, currently 37.4 ° C recorded in Murcia. Spain is currently traveling with values ​​16°C higher than the 1981-2010 averages, which bring agriculture to its knees.

less than central Europe. In Central Europe, as well as in Northern Europe, the situation is completely opposite and temperatures are 4 degrees Celsius or more below average. Cold flows from the Arctic tonight caused widespread frost, especially in Germany, where there were peaks of -3C on the hills of Thuringia. The plume has widely recorded values ​​around -2 °C in many flat regions. In Hamburg, the minimum decreased to 0 ° C, and in Berlin to + 1 ° C. Values ​​are around 0/-2 °C in several locations in northeastern France, as well as in western Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Scorching weather also in the United Kingdom, with a peak of -2 in Edinburgh and Glasgow, even if there is a rise in temperatures from tomorrow in the northwestern sector of the continent, and then in the central sector as well.

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