Abaya, Kamis, Veil: This event is gaining momentum in French high schools

According to an article in the L’Opinion newspaper, apes and comedians have appeared on the doors of many French schools in recent months. An author who was interviewed for CNEWS worries about it.

Considered as traditional clothing in the countries of Muslim culture in the Middle East, kamis and abayas are similar to long dresses, sometimes adorned with hoods.

Through CNEWS, a teacher says she has seen what students in French schools are wearing, especially in recent months. As a teacher responsible for enforcing the law regarding the banning of religious symbols in school, he is concerned about it.

On Thursday, June 2, the L’Opinion newspaper published an article condemning an “epidemic” of these “Islamic costumes” in French schools. Emmanuel Macron, who traveled to Marseille yesterday, was questioned about this.

“In all things, when there are epidemics, there must be symptoms, we measure, the President replied. In this I will be very clear, the policy I want to pursue is always the same. There must be no obstacles, barriers and fantasies. Then I want the law of the Republic to apply.

However, Emmanuel Macron recalled that the law in this case was “very clear”: “All students in our schools have no religious identities, whatever they may be.”

The comment states in its article, “Several incidents have erupted in various academies in recent months.” For his part, CNEWS interviewed the teacher, among students, on “behaviors we have never seen before”. He specifically cites “children who close their ears when playing music” in class.

“We own” in the face of “something very disturbing and threatening” reassures someone who does not feel in favor of his order. He is currently forced to appeal for “improvement” and hopes to take up the national education problem. The file for this should be submitted to the Minister, Bob Ndia, in the coming days.

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