Sancho and Rashford miss this point: England coach reverses defeat - game

In the 118th minute, Gareth Southgate has an idea, or at least he is implementing it now. Taking English coach Kyle Walker and newcomer Jordan Henderson off the field, he did not believe in penalties.

Instead, with Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, he actually brings in two safe snipers. But both players are thriving at their clubs, but have gained little confidence from Southgate in the European Championship.

Sancho was confused not only on the island but also in Germany, which is why he was left out of England’s 23-man squad in the first games. The 21-year-old was suddenly in the starting line-up when he moved to Manchester United.

The case is similar to Rashford. The striker never crossed a reserve role throughout the match. He was only transferred against Ukraine when Southgate saved its regular players in the knockout round.

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Paradoxically, these two now have to throw coal out of the fire in a penalty shootout. First, however, Captain Harry Kane and Defense Chief Harry Maguire switch with confidence.

The other players who stuck to Southgate throughout the European Championships, especially Raheem Sterling, did not shoot.

Marcus Rashford shoots against the post.Photo: AFP

As the third sniper, this is Marcus Rashford’s turn – and shooter. Rashford sees Gianluigi from Donorumma, but only attacks the left post.

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Marcus Rashford of England after his dangerous shot.Photo: dpa

With Italy’s Bonucci now scoring to level the score, there is even more pressure on Jadon Sancho with the next shot. He is not fit for it. Sancho picks the right corner, but the Italian goalkeeper saves.

Gianluigi Donorumma holds on against Sancho.Photo: AFP

Christoph Kramer, who had already predicted that Kyle Mbabane would miss out against Switzerland in the ZDF, was adamant before the penalty shoot-out that Southgate’s plan would not work.

“Rashford and Sancho are top of their game in terms of their self-image and their reputation, and Southgate left them on the wrong side throughout the match,” Kramer said. “Then you’re both in the final in the 118th minute only coming to a penalty shoot-out, please put the ball inside. That’s not psychologically good. “


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