Se dice que Honda podría hacer resurgir el NSX emblemático de la marca.

Japanese car manufacturer Honda has outlined plans to promote the electrification of its global vehicle lineup over the next 10 years. At a broadcast conference. Massive investment in EV technology is expected to introduce 30 new electric cars worldwide by 2030 and include two new electric SUVs exclusively for its Honda and Acura brands in the United States. They were surprised to announce that it was not enough Two new electric sports cars are being developed.

Honda will make a significant investment in the development of electrification

Over the next 10 years, Honda will invest about 5 trillion yen (approximately US $ 40 billion) in electrification and related software technologies, with a total research and development budget of $ 8 trillion ($ 64 billion). Vehicle manufacturer during the same period.

Image of Honda’s Sporty Special model. / Photo: Courtesy Honda.

Honda will also manufacture batteries in conjunction with GM

Starting with energy storage, Honda previously announced a partnership with GM to purchase ultium lithium-ion batteries for use in its vehicles. Honda is exploring other partnerships separately from GM and exploring the possibility of creating a new joint venture for battery production. Beyond lithium-ion technology, Honda will invest about 43 billion yen ($ 343 million) in the development and production of solid-state batteries, with initial production planned for the spring of 2024.

The arrival of two new EVs is approaching

With proper batteries, Honda plans to launch 30 new EV models worldwide by 2030, with the goal of producing and delivering 2 million EVs annually when all is completed. As Honda plans to launch two new “medium to large-scale EV models” jointly developed with GM in North America by 2024, we can expect the first fruits of that effort. This includes a new Honda Prolog SUV and the as-yet-untitled Acura electric SUV model.

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Cheap electric vehicles for the United States

In its home country of Japan, Honda will launch the 1 million yen ($ 8,000) Mini Commercial Electric Vehicle, which will pave the way for a range of mini electric vehicles and personal use utility vehicles (e-SUVs). Meanwhile, 10 new EV models will be launched in China by 2027 In the US, the automaker also plans to launch GVs with more affordable EVs after 2027.“It will be a costly and purposeful competition [los de] Petrol vehicles “.

Icing on the Cake: 2 new sports cars

Finally, the head of HondaToshihiro MibeHe took the stage to announce that he is an automaker. “Thinking about introducing two sports models“. Honda is evolving A special model and a primary model It will be offered worldwide and will “cover Honda’s global gaming mentality and unique characteristics”.

Image of Honda’s flagship sports car. / Photo: Courtesy Honda.

Displayed as silk-covered renderings, the mid-engine ratio of one of the models seems to indicate its renaissance. NSX Honda, Already electrified Supercoop, lives in states under the Acura brand and has completed production with a last-generation S Model run. Other front-engine ratios raise more questions: Chances are, this will be Honda’s S2000’s return, but could it be a remake of the front or the rear or four – wheel drive? It remains to be seen what Honda will prepare for the future.


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