Cognitive decline.  Yellow on Biden's flyer

In recent weeks, government leaders have come under the magnifying glass of public opinion. The President of the United States is increasingly targeted by analysts, Joe Biden, who presented himself at one of the last press conferences in front of journalists with a mysterious paper in his hand. Curious to understand what was so important in that paper the president was holding in his hands, many enlarged the picture, discovering that this piece of paper contained only the answers to agreed-upon questions, as revealed by the website. Dagosbya.

It could open a huge chapter on the fact that the President of the United States, at such a delicate moment, will present himself in Press Conference To answer the agreed questions. However, someone might point out that after Joe Biden’s gaffe with Vladimir Putin during one of his speeches from Poland, his entourage may have preferred to protect the president’s image as well as the fragile domestic and foreign diplomatic balances. During the conference, in fact, Joe Biden constantly looked at that paper while reporters in the room asked him questions about the Ukrainian question. An example of this is the moment a reporter in the room asked Joe Biden the question about his statement “Putin can’t stay in powerUntil then, the President of the United States had been examining what was written on the paper in his hands.

All of this leaves open many questions about Joe Biden’s actual ability to take over the reins of a country like the United States, especially at a historically complex time like this. Many noted these details in the President of the United States and wondered if there were other needs, in addition to diplomatic protection, for a paper with an agreed press conference Q&A written on it. The fiercest attack on Joe Biden came from Republican Senator Rand Paul, who unleashed the president after the press conference:How do you see someone in cognitive decline“At the moment, the White House does not answer or comment on many questions about the truth.

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