Jemmour fans threaten to shoot Moroccan and Algerian flag bearers

Armed with a handgun, the two youths recently filmed a sniper rifle training in France, openly threatening the Moroccan and Algerian community and several political figures, including President Emmanuel Macron. “In front of you are antifouling and left-wing (…) insects. There are Algerian and Moroccan flags, so we will rush to shoot,” one of them said in a statement. Video, Before firing it.

In these videos, the anti-fascist group revealed Young guard And reported by Mediapart, The young man mentions Raquel Garrido, a former spokesman for Franz Inzomis (LFI), who declares that “Wild Garrido should be trained to hunt.” “Two bullets, three deaths, which pulls an antifa (anti-fascist author’s note) behind,” he adds.

According to information available to Médiapart, the man, who did not cover his face, is known in Latin as “Miles Christi”, meaning “Knights of Christ”. He will be a soldier or ex-soldier in the films who are on a mission to thank him for the tattoo he wears on the back of the skull.

On Another video, Can see a man with a pale face: “Who are we going to blow up?” Young Gaucho, young communist, young minded book (sic) ”before the shooting. “Cow! Emmanuel Macron! ”He said before firing again.

The man is wearing a “look good” hat, which was used by Eric Zemor’s supporters to mark his gimmick. According to Mediapart, the man claimed to have attended Eric Zemore’s campaign rally in Wilbinde on December 5 and argued that the candidate was a “real future man”. The open support for Zemmour’s campaign, the banner on the individual’s Twitter profile, reveals an image of an extreme right – wing candidate at the Milipol Arms Show, according to journalists.

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