Missing in Sampline Lake: A body found in the United States

The body of 62-year-old Bromontois has been found missing by Vermont police officers since Wednesday, according to Saratoga to Quebec (SQ).

On Saturday afternoon, Vermont police found a lifeless man and his boat on the shores of Lake Champlain.

“Everything suggests it’s Pierre Dunnigan,” SQ’s spokeswoman Patrice Dorsville said Saturday evening.

An autopsy of the body will be done at the beginning of the week.

SQ pointed out that U.S. police were notified of the research Saturday morning and that they were assisting as it crossed the Champlain Lake border.

He was last seen on Wednesday at 1:30 pm on the ice of Champlain Lake, near the Municipal Wharf in Venice Bay, Venice-en-Quebec. His automobile was located at the municipal wharf parking lot.

Police set up roadblocks around Champlain Lake in Monterey on Saturday in an attempt to open the eyes of citizens in the hope of finding a 62-year-old man.

In recent days, searches have focused on finding Pierre Dunnigan in the Gulf of Venice and the Gulf of Mississauga.

There was a helicopter on Saturday afternoon. Divers and Walkers also came back.

In recent days, various specialized equipment has been used, including drones and all-terrain vehicles that can travel on water.

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